4 tips to measure ROI of an influencer marketing campaign


Consumer-to-consumer word of mouth generates more than twice the sales of other forms of paid advertising. – McKinsey

Influencer marketing expands your brand visibility and trustworthy among your targeted customer. Apart from cost effective it also gives better ROI than any traditional advertisement. Most marketers have quickly realized the power of driving sales, product review, event marketing, app promotion.But how do you measure the ROI if you influencer marketing to align with your marketing goal?

There are very few tools available in the market that will help you to understand whether influencer marketing is really working for you or not. We have outlined few metrics that will help you to understand and measure the impact of influencer marketing for your brand.

  1. Reach and impression: Number of times your post is viewed when it is published by influencers. This is key metrics compared to any other as it shows effectiveness of a post as it shows to how many people your content is exposed. Also, look out for this metric while selecting any influencer for influencer marketing campaign.
  2. Engagement: The most important metric whether an influencer marketing campaign worked or not is engagement rate. Engagement metrics such as
  • How many facebook likes, shares, clicks, retweets, comments
  • How many new followers you get
  • How many new subscribers you received
  • How many customer bought your product,
  • How many inquiries your sales team received
  • How many clicks you received

3. ROI: The best way to measure return on investment for your influencer marketing campaign is to benchmark to some other online advertisement such as Google ad words, Facebook ads. For example if you spend $100 on google ad words and you are getting 1000 impression and 100 clicks but on the other hand if you spend the same amount in influencer marketing campaign and you are getting more impressions and click than google ad words than it is advisable to stick with influencer marketing campaign(unless and until you love to spend money on advertisement which doesn’t get you good ROI)

4.Resources: Another most important key metrics to measure for any content marketers is to how much resources such as Time, Manpower and money require to produce same original content that you will get it from an influencer. Calculate the money you spent on producing quality content, time to produce and measure it with the content that you are getting with influencer marketing if you think you are able to save enough time and money then it is a wise investment.

By connecting these metrics, you can measure influencer marketing campaign impact on your sales number. Though not all metric can be applicable to your marketing campaign but knowing all these will help you in setting your marketing campaign right and the result that you can look out for.

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As a marketer and influencer, we generate lots of unique content to engage with followers.Though there are some awesome tools available in the market but finding the one that match to your requirement takes a lot of effort.To create a unique content that your audience will love you have to come with an idea, creating unique content and promoting content to get traffic.

We have listed the best tools  for you that we believe is the best in the market and you can use it whether to generate new content ideas, that compelling headline for blog, to optimize your blog SEO, to track analytics or to correct grammar these tools will save lots of your time and increase your productivity.

  1. Title generator: The title of a blog or email is the first thing that attract most people to read rest of your content.But most often we struggle to come out with an appealing title that is unique and intrigue readers to read more. Potent(https://www.portent.com/tools/title-maker) and http://www.contentforest.com/ideator content idea generator will help you to generate the content idea that is compelling to your readers and for better engagement.
  2. Grammarly: Well agree or not we make some grammar mistakes while we write blog or social media content.Grammarly checks your grammar while you write and helps your post content without any grammatical error.It works across your social media, email as your browser plugin.
  3. Canva: https://www.canva.com/You don’t require to use high-end software or to be a master in design to create an amazing design for your blog or for your facebook cover or presentation.Because Canva tool provides easy to use tools to turn your ideas into the stunning design.
  4. Pocket: Found some interesting article or video and want to read it later.Put in Pocket and read it on any device.Use Pocket to keep track of your ideas or found an interesting article, just save it, read it and share it later in your social media.
  5. Quora: Quora is a question and answer social network platform but if you are looking for content or topic that people discuss then Quora is the best platform for to identify trends, topic, and content.Also, it is useful to get traffic to your blog/website by becoming an expert in answering questions in your field.
  6. Feedly: Sometimes the best idea comes from outside source. Feedly is one of the best RSS blog out there for readers to subscribe of thousands of blogs and get an idea about your next social media content or blog.
  7. IFTTT: Want to increase your productivity by putting all your applications to work together seamlessly then IFTTT is the best tool
  8. Hootsuite: Hootsuite is one of our favorite social media engagement tools.It allows consolidate all social media profiles into one east=y to use dashboard.Some of the features are You can choose date and time when you want to publish the content, add location, attachment.You can also manage other social media with this tool.It is a freemium plan with option of 3 social media to manage.
  9. Buffer: Buffer lets you schedule your content to multiple times day through the week which will save your time.You have to just spend a few minutes day to schedule your tweets and buffer will take care of the rest.It also provides analytics which helps you to know which content works or which are not.You can also share curated content that buffer provides you in addition to your original content.
  10. Sprout social: Sprout social is a social media management tool that lets you manage up to 20 social media accounts.It will help your team to collaborate with each other to post content across all social media platform which will help increase productivity and  lets your measure the result based on demographic locations,gender,real time clicks and new followers.

By using these tools you will improve your productivity and will help you generate unique content that will stand from the rest.

We will love to know what other content marketing tools that you use.

How to connect with best Instagram influencers?


Are you facing challenges in getting more engagement and reach in Instagram? Are you facing challenges in creating quality content for your brand? If the answer is yes then it is the right time to connect with best Instagram influencers who share the same passion and share the same demographic as your Brand does. Influencer marketing is the best way to promote your brand as it will help you to tap the potential customer through influencer which your brand is missing till now. These influencers not just create and share content, but their content also create an emotional response among their followers. Influencers are generally expertise in a certain category such as food, travel, sports, fashion, etc and customers trust their recommendation than any other form of advertisement. These influencers motivate, inspire and create a trust among their communities that no other form of advertisement can create. Connect with influencers will also help your brand to tap to existing quality content that is available with influencer instead of spending the time of creating one.

Below are few steps how to connect with Instagram influencers:

  • Identify: Identify the right influencers based on demographic that you are trying to reach, category, follower base and who have more engagement rate.
  • Content creation: If you have already content you can ask influencer to share your content or if you don’t want to spend time on creating content or you don’t have resources to create quality content it is advisable to use existing content of influencer. But make sure your brand message is clear and there is clear call to action.
  • Communication: Communication is crucial in any marketing campaign. Make sure you communicate with influencers regarding how much they will charge per post, for creating content or per likes.
  • Analysis: During or after the campaign you can analyze the effectiveness of the campaign based on metrics such as number of likes, comments. Measuring these result will help you to understand what works and what not and accordingly you can plan your future campaign.

It is crucial that you select right influencer for your marketing campaign and build a lasting relationship. To save your time, effort and to get best marketing ROI we at adsparta.in are building an automated platform to connect with best Instagram influencers. Planning to connect with best Instagram influencer for influencer marketing campaign.

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Best twitter marketing tools to increase your productivity

images (5)

Twitter is widely used as a marketing tool for most marketers and brands today. And with so many so many social media out there it is important for any marketer to organize themselves with social media marketing tool to stay ahead of competition. But with so much noise around twitter marketing tools it is hard to know which is best for your business. Below are the some of the best twitter marketing tools that we think will keep organized as a marketer.

  • Hootsuite: Hootsuite is one of our favorite social media engagement tool. It allows consolidate all social media profiles into one east=y to use dashboard. Some of the features are You can choose date and time when you want to publish the content, add location, attachment. You can also manage other social media with this tool. It is a fermium plan with option of 3 social media to manage.
  • Buffer: Buffer lets you schedule your content to multiple times day through the week which will save your time. You have to just spend few minutes day to schedule your tweets and buffer will take care of the rest. It also provides analytics which helps you to know which content works or which are not. You can also share curated content that buffer provides you in addition to your original content.
  • Tweroid: To get more engagement for your tweets you need to post at the right time. Twerioid give you insights about best times to tweet by analyzing follower’s tweets activity. By using this tool your tweets engagement level will increase because now you know best time to post your tweet.
  • Commun.it: Thinking who to follow and unfollow? Well Commun.it is the best twitter management tool out there that helps you to sort your list based on most recent, most engagement members, Influencers, New followers, new followers. Which will help you to follow your most engaged followers or unfollow people who have less engagement with your content. This tool is very user friendly which allows you to manage multiple twitter accounts and all these features all from your dashboard itself.

These tools will help you to increase  productivity and increase your followers.

We would love to know your favorite twitter management tool. Do share your thoughts.

The unconditional guide to Instagram marketing


Looking out to build communities around your brand/ service ?Looking out for word of mouth marketing by tapping into UGC? then Instagram is best social media platform.Every second more than 2000 post created and shared in Instagram. Thus, it is a big opportunity for all types of business to tap into this massive user-generated content or UGC and reach out to your potential customer.If you want to reach out to millennials or you can say age group 18-34 who uses Instagram compared to any other social media because this age group does not just browse content but they create, discover and engage with the brand like never before. Instagram also makes it easier for the brand in an authentic way that is visual content which today’s consumers appreciate. Influencer marketing in Instagram can create positive brand awareness for your brand with hashtag marketing, tagging other users and by liking and commenting.

  1. Connect with Instagram influencers:

Maintaining and growing followers for your Instagram can be time-consuming and is difficult especially if you are a smaller brand.By connecting with right influencers, you can reach out to a larger audience and access to quality content without spending time on creating a new one. For example, if you want to promote your restaurant connect with the best food Instagram influencers. This could in turn pay off going forward as it will build trust and brand loyalty among your customer because influencer as normally perceived as one who have expertise in their niche. Here are some of the tips How to connect with right influencers?

2. Create quality content:

Instagram is all about visuals. A picture is worth  a thousand words. In Instagram pictures provides a better view about your company make sure you tell a story with quality content with anything from new product launch to customer feedback to office celebration to a funny quote/picture.

3. More engagement:

As per Forrester, studies shows that top brands’ Instagram posts generated a per-follower engagement rate of 4.21%. That means Instagram delivered these brands 58 times more engagement per follower than Facebook, and 120 times more engagement per follower than Twitter. By posting interesting content, you can get a high level of engagement rate compared to any other social media.


Running contests in Instagram is a great way to increase followers, and build trust for your brand. You can run contests for your business by telling your followers to comment on your photo, tag their friends, share it or share their own experience about your brand with a hashtag.

5.Easy to use and post:

Because Instagram is in mobile only focused it is easy to post and share quality content instantly also unlike other you can use up to 10 hashtags to get your content discoverable and tag others for increase your engagement rate.


Instagram is a great platform for visual storytelling which is more impactful than text content.


Using most effective hashtags for your Instagram marketing campaign is important to reach a larger audience and bring more engagement. You can use up to 10 hashtags in Instagram, unlike other social networks. Also you can use both generic hashtags that are related to your brand campaign or you can use existing hashtags that your industry is already using to reach to larger audience, but make sure it is relevant to your followers and the campaign.

8.Building trust:

Instagram is a great platform to share about your brand in an informal way. Choose a visual style that you want to post with relevant keywords. Also decide what type of content you want to post such as if you are in a restaurant business you can post about your daily menu or customer who are visiting to your restaurant, if you are in a different industry you can post about valuable tips that audience can relate it to. By engaging your audience with the relevant content, you can build a trustable Instagram brand for your business.

9.Get more customer leads:

You can get more customer leads from Instagram marketing make sure you have a proper call to action by using hashtags, URL, image caption when you post in Instagram.

Have you done any Instagram marketing campaign for your business, we would love to hear from you.

Connecting with Instagram influencers can not only get you more visibility and trust for your brand but also drive engagement and get more customer leads in a cost-effective way.

The 5 worst influencer marketing mistakes to avoid

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Marketing-induced consumer-to-consumer word of mouth generates more than 2X the sales of paid advertising.

With the rise of influencer marketing, every brands and marketer are allocating their marketing budget for influencer marketing campaign to get most out of it. With right content, strategy, by connecting with right influencers and with a little bit patience you can create magic for your brand and increase sales that no other marketing have done before. Also, Influencer marketing can be a brilliantly effective way to reach a passionate and engaged audience. However reaching out to relevant influencers and creating a successful influencer marketing campaign can be tricky. Make sure you avoid the following mistakes which can bring negative word of mouth for your brand.

  • Working with wrong influencers:Successful influencer marketing depends on what type of influencers you work with. Selecting the right influencers is half the battle won. While most brands and marketers will select influencers with large following but Influencers are not measured based on a number of followers alone but the quality of content they create, engagement and how influential they are among their followers. Asking questions such as would this influencer matches to my marketing goal? Would this influencer understand my brand demographic? Is this influencer previously worked with similar brands or created any quality content or expertise in a particular area of interest? Will help you in choosing right influencers and help you build a long-term relationship with the influencer.
  • Not understanding how influencer charge?Most brands and marketer ignore this point when it comes to influencers payment. Not all influencers will review or promote your products for free or an invitation to an event. Most influencers charge to create unique content for your brand and to share it across their social media depends on their audience size and engagement rate. To understand that you need to work with influencers of varying sizes and category. Depends on your marketing goal you can connect with the right influencer who fits your marketing budget and also at the same time can bring more sales and spread the word about your brand.
  • No Communication:Not communicating properly regarding your campaign goal and how you would like to measure the campaign is another mistake that most brands and marketer commit. Do you want influencers to create new content? Do you want influencers to share content in their social media profile? Do you want them to post content at a certain time or to run a contest? Make sure they understand what your campaign goal is and understand your customer you are targeting. Communicating on all these aspects will help both you and influencer to be on same track.
  • Not setting clear goals: All planning and effort will go wrong if you don’t set your influencer marketing goal and how you will measure ROI? Like other marketing campaign influencer marketing is also complex and takes time to get the best result. What works for one social media or campaign may not work the same for another campaign. So always create a clear cut objective on influencers tasks and responsibilities, how you are going to measure the result of the campaign on each social media platform? Timeline of the campaign, what type of content you want to create? How many influencers do you want to engage with? Payment terms, etc. Setting these goals will help you in measuring each aspect of influencer campaign and get most out of it.
  • Not valuing influencer suggestion: Remember that influencers are expert in their niche and they know their audience better.Giving them space to come out with creative content for the campaign will help your brand and at the same time build a trustworthy among influencer.Though you need to make sure that the content falls into your brand guidelines.

Avoiding these mistakes and making sure you connect with right influencers will bring a better return on your influencer marketing campaign.

We would love to know from you some of the lessons that you learned from your recent influencer marketing campaign.

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Influencer marketing by the numbers


Chances are that nowadays you are hearing a lot about how influencer marketing is the new king of content marketing and a powerful form of word of mouth marketing and how it is cost-effective than any other form of marketing. To understand why it is important, today we look at the data from some of the best marketing research firm that highlights why every business need to assign marketing budget for influencer marketing:

  • 74% of consumers rely on social media to inform their purchasing decisions.
  • 90% of consumers trust peer recommendations. Only 33% trust ads.
  • Customers referred by other customers have a 37% higher retention rate.
  • Marketing-induced consumer-to-consumer word of mouth generates more than 2X the sales of paid advertising.
  • Another study by BazaarVoice 2012 found that earned media drives 4 times the brand lift of paid. media and 51% of Millennials are more likely to be influenced by earned media.
  • Technorati determined that 54% of consumers agree that the smaller the community, the greater the influence.
  • According to a study by ArCompanyand Sensei Marketing, 64.5% of marketing and PR. professionals have adopted social influence campaigns in the past, more than 50% of marketing and PR professionals will be allocating budgets for influencer marketing strategies in the near future, and 74% of marketing and PR professionals will be deploying influencer marketing campaigns in the next 12 months.
  • Knowledge Networks determined that 15,100,000 consumers go to social media channels before making purchase decisions.
  • Mashable reported that millennials trust content created by their peers 50 percent more than content from any other media.
  • According to a recent SocialChorus report, influencer marketing campaigns drive 16x more engagement than paid or owned media.
  • 72% say reading a positive customer reviews increase their trust in the business; it takes reading between 2-6 reviews to get 56% of them to this point.
  • Over half of purchases inspired by social media sharing occur within 1 week of sharing or favoriting, and 80% of purchases resulting from social media shares occur within 3 weeks of sharing.
  • Brand advocates are 70% more likely to be seen as a good source of information by people around them.
  • Advocates tell twice as many people about their purchases than non-Advocates.
  • 90% of advocates write something positive about their purchasing experience.
  • Brand advocates are 75% more likely to share product information.
  • 74% of global marketers reported they will use Influence Marketing as part of their marketing strategy in the next 12 months.
  • 55% of global marketers found social scoring platforms to be ineffective at identifying influencers.
  • 68% of global marketers see Influence Marketing as a lead generation and customer acquisition tactic.
  • For category such as Apparel, packaged goods, financial products, and big-ticket purchases (such as travel and electronics). Word-of-mouth emerged as the leading purchase influencer among Millennials.
  • Among Baby Boomers, word-of-mouth (WOM) is the top influencer for financial products and big-ticket purchases but was only third for packaged goods purchases.
  • A study conducted by Market share proved that WOM increased marketing effectiveness up to 54%.
  • An astonishing 91% of B2B purchasers said that their buying decisions were influenced by WOM, making this form of engagement vital for all organizations no matter their market sector to get right.

Influencer marketing is the most powerful word of mouth marketing which will help your business to gain more credibility, reach out to a wider audience and increase sales. The challenge here is how to connect with right influencers who will help you in your business to reach a new level.

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Most used hashtag in Instagram for Travel


Instagram is a great place to use hashtags to increase your reach and promote your brand. You can use up to 10 hashtags in Instagram compared to any other social media which will help your content to reach wider audience and bring more engagement.Following are the most popular food hashtag you can use for your food blog or brand to get more followers and reach.




#travelingram-3 m







Let us know by commenting below  which are your favorite travel hashtags and which you use regularly.

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How to create more engagement in Facebook?

With so many content, pages and facebook latest algorithm it is very hard to get attention of your fans and get more likes to your facebook page but with the following steps you not only will get more likes but also your fans will love interacting with your brand/services than ever before.

1)Get personal-Your customers will love and will be more engaging if you post status or photos about your daily life or activities in your business.After all they are human and personalizing post such as celebration at office, real customers using your product, personal achievements of your employee or yourself, etc are more engaging with your fan and your page will get more likes.

2) Share a story: Share compelling stories about the product or status with your fans through either video, infographics.

3) Implement facebook in your address:: Implement facebook like plugins into your blog, website, email promotion or for any offline promotion to get more likes.In today’s world, you never know where you will get your potential customers.

4) Post visual content: Visual content such as Photos or infographics get more likes and comments compared to normal text-based content.Grab the opportunity to get more likes through posting eye-catching quotes, pictures or infographics.

5) Post questionsTo get your fans interact with your pages ask your fans about current events, their goals, what they think about your new brand.For example, you can post questions such as “what is the first word that pops into your mind when you think about(your brand)?My favorite song for relaxation is?What is your new year resolution?It creates a long-lasting relationship between you and your fan and also you will come to know what matters most to your fans.

6) Facebook ads: Recently facebook has made easier for facebook pages to place an ad through promoted posts, sponsored stories.Select your targeted market, keywords and you are done.

7) Create value: Take note of types of content that you fans like most, comments most and accordingly share content that you fans can’t stop them without liking it.

8) Run a contest: You can make the contest interactive by using fun and interesting ways for people to submit their entries. For example, you could ask people to upload pictures of themselves with one of your products or ask them to like your page in return of your new book or sample of your product.

9) Use these words to get more shares and likes: There is an art of which word get more likes and shares among your fans.Here are few of them that if you will use in your post fans will like that post more.some of he words are INSPIRES, GIVES,OFFERS,DISCOUNT,DEALS,ADVISES,SURPRISING,PLEASE,HOW TO

10) Post at the right time: Posting at the right time will get more likes and your pot will reach more fans.You can check on insights about which day and at which time most of your fans are online and accordingly schedule your post to get more visibility and likes.According to research, the worst time to post is weekend 8AM-8 PM and the best time to post is Weekdays-1 PM-6PM

Do you have any tips for getting more Likes?

Post a comment below and let us know what else you have done to get likes.

How to generate customer leads for your online business?

lead generation

So how do you determine which methods or platforms are the best for finding new customers?Lead generation is crucial for survival and growth of any business.What works for one business may not work for other,it is through trial and error one can know which are the best platform to generate leads.

Below are some of tips that we have followed over the year to generate leads and you too can follow these tips to generate leads for your business.

1) Optimize your website for lead generation:

Most people visit leave website within 10-20 seconds if they do not find any useful information,so make sure you provide enough content and useful information to your customers so that they can provide their contact information without thinking twice.

2) Make social media buttons visible in your website,email signature,visiting cards

Turn your regular readers into social media fans and when they share your content,it will go viral among their friends Because

3) Customer referrals:Customer referrals works wonder for any business because the lead is probably well-qualified and you will have tremendous credibility with the prospect since you come well-recommended from someone that they know and trust.

4) Free giveaways:Free giveaways such as free resources,industry research reports,e books,etc is a best way of generating customer leads.It can generate considerable amount of leads by offering these free resources.

5) Offer Webinars: For B2B marketing webinars are one of the best lead generation technique.Through webinars you can share your expertise or invite some other people to share their expertise related to your industry that interest your target audience.

6) Cross promotion:By forming alliances with non competitive business to exchange leads,promote each other’s products or services can be quite good to generate leads as it brings trustworthy among the customers when they get to now about your product or business through other business which they trust.

7) Have contacts us form in every page:Proving contact from in every page can increase the likelihood that people will contact you.Because you never know from which page a customer can close your browser.

8) E mail marketing:Email marketing is still a best way to generate leads for your business.Make sure you target demographics that fits your products or services.The more targeted the mails is the better open and click rate you will get.Also optimize your email campaign headline to get good click rate.

9) Video:A lead generation campaign tied up with  a viral video can generate highly targeted and valuable leads for your products or service.

10) Connect with social media influencers/bloggers:By connecting with relevant social media influencers/bloggers you can spread word about your brand/product to millions of customer in a cost effective way.You can engage with influencers for content promotion,guest blogging,social media promotion,event management,video promotion,and lots more.It will also improve your brand loyalty,create premium content,increase traffic and improve SEO.”To connect with best social media influencers do check out http://adsparta.in/

Lead generation is very important for any business to survive,so it is vital that you consider these tips in getting highly qualified leads for your products/services.

Post a comment below and let us know what other lead generation technique you have used in your business.