How to measure influencer marketing campaign in an easy way?


There are different ways to measure the success of influencer marketing for different social media but deciding the right one for your business is essential.Like any other form of marketing influencer marketing also takes the time to get the result of your campaign and knowing the key metrics to measure and setting benchmark will help your business to track the result better.If you are not measuring your influencer marketing with these key metrics than you are not doing it right.

Your key metrics should always align with your marketing goals.Influencers can’t be measured by only number of followers but the relevance of a topic, quality content and trust among its followers. If you have asked influencers to post photos, tweet or post by using your brand hashtag then by searching based on those keywords/hashtags you can come to know how many likes or comments your campaign is getting.

These are the number of indicators to measure an influencer marketing result for different social media:

  1. Facebook by number of Likes, Comments, and Shares
  2. Twitter by number of Favorites in the tweets and Retweets
  3. Pinterest by the number of Repins, Comments, and Likes.
  4. Google+ by the number +1, Comments and Shares.
  5. LinkedIn by number of people who have liked, Shared and Comments
  6. SlideShare by the number of Views and Likes,
  7. YouTube by the number of Views, Comments, Likes and Dislikes
  8. Stumble Upon by the number of Followers and Likes
  9. Quora by the number of upvotes to the answers and comments
  10. Instagram-By number of Likes, Favorites and Comments

By measuring these, you will come to know how well your customer is reacting to your campaign so that you can tweak your marketing strategy accordingly. These metrics, when put together, will give you valuable information about which influencers to select to create social media buzz for your brand/businesses. But most important is to know your marketing objectives prior to starting campaign will help you in analyzing the result better.

To start with influencer marketing and to measure your result start here

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