If you read one article about connect with the right influencers read this one


Not every influencer is right for your product/business the best influencer in Youtube may not be the right influencer in Twitter or Instagram or may not be the one who can create premium content for your brand. Connecting with right influencer for your influencer marketing can bring more sales, credibility, save a lot of your money and time too in your marketing campaign.Always connect with influencer whose opinion matters most and have the power to influence the decision of others in your niche. Determine your target audience that you are trying to reach, a geographic area that you are targeting and the brand message that you are creating and then identify influencers that match to these criteria. Instead of just connecting with an influencer who have large followers go with an influencer who can drive engagement and can influence your potential customers decision making.

Following are some of the key points to remember before connecting with any influencer for your influencer marketing campaign:

  • Know who is your audience: Any marketing starts with first knowing where your customer hangout ? what type of blogs they read ? what they like? who influence their buying behavior? etc.Influencer marketing is no different.Knowing all these will help you setting your marketing goal and connecting with right influencer.
  • Set goals: What is your campaign goal? Do you want to create awareness about your product? Do you want to create premium content? Do you want a product review? Do you want to drive traffic to your website or store? Do you want to promote your event? Set your goals before reaching out to any social media influencer/Blogger.
  • Identification: Identifying right influencer can be time-consuming and it can bring negative result if you reach out to a wrong influencer. Organize list of social media influencers/Bloggers that meet your campaign requirement and relevant to your brand,check out their most recent social media post/Blog,Which are Brands/Businesses they have worked before?,their audience size, Geographic, etc will help you in identifying best influencer.
  • Set your budget: Make sure you set your budget for your campaign which will help you to reach out to relevant influencers accordingly.
  • Create a campaign: With influencer marketing you can create different types of campaigns such as Product giveaway, Blog posting, Social media posting, Youtube promotion, product review and lots more. Influencer marketing takes time so make sure you have enough time to do research and measure the result accordingly.
  • Communicate: Communication is crucial in any marketing campaign. Make sure you provide enough information to influencers about what your campaign objective is? Do you want them to post content in your platform or their platform? How are you going to pay influencer after the campaign is over? Are they receiving any product? Communicating all these points will help both you and influencer remain in the same page.
  • Measure result: Measuring result in an effective way will help you to understand what works and what does not. Based on your campaign objective you can measure the result to understand how many reach or impression your campaign got? How many people visited your website or store? How many people actually bought your product?

Identifying influencers based on these criteria can sometimes time-consuming and costly too so to solve this issue we at adsparta.in developing a platform that helps you to connect with best social media influencers/bloggers with less effort and measure your campaign result like never before.

Sign up today at adsparta.in to start your influencer marketing campaign.


2 thoughts on “If you read one article about connect with the right influencers read this one

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