The 5 worst influencer marketing mistakes to avoid

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Marketing-induced consumer-to-consumer word of mouth generates more than 2X the sales of paid advertising.

With the rise of influencer marketing, every brands and marketer are allocating their marketing budget for influencer marketing campaign to get most out of it. With right content, strategy, by connecting with right influencers and with a little bit patience you can create magic for your brand and increase sales that no other marketing have done before. Also, Influencer marketing can be a brilliantly effective way to reach a passionate and engaged audience. However reaching out to relevant influencers and creating a successful influencer marketing campaign can be tricky. Make sure you avoid the following mistakes which can bring negative word of mouth for your brand.

  • Working with wrong influencers:Successful influencer marketing depends on what type of influencers you work with. Selecting the right influencers is half the battle won. While most brands and marketers will select influencers with large following but Influencers are not measured based on a number of followers alone but the quality of content they create, engagement and how influential they are among their followers. Asking questions such as would this influencer matches to my marketing goal? Would this influencer understand my brand demographic? Is this influencer previously worked with similar brands or created any quality content or expertise in a particular area of interest? Will help you in choosing right influencers and help you build a long-term relationship with the influencer.
  • Not understanding how influencer charge?Most brands and marketer ignore this point when it comes to influencers payment. Not all influencers will review or promote your products for free or an invitation to an event. Most influencers charge to create unique content for your brand and to share it across their social media depends on their audience size and engagement rate. To understand that you need to work with influencers of varying sizes and category. Depends on your marketing goal you can connect with the right influencer who fits your marketing budget and also at the same time can bring more sales and spread the word about your brand.
  • No Communication:Not communicating properly regarding your campaign goal and how you would like to measure the campaign is another mistake that most brands and marketer commit. Do you want influencers to create new content? Do you want influencers to share content in their social media profile? Do you want them to post content at a certain time or to run a contest? Make sure they understand what your campaign goal is and understand your customer you are targeting. Communicating on all these aspects will help both you and influencer to be on same track.
  • Not setting clear goals: All planning and effort will go wrong if you don’t set your influencer marketing goal and how you will measure ROI? Like other marketing campaign influencer marketing is also complex and takes time to get the best result. What works for one social media or campaign may not work the same for another campaign. So always create a clear cut objective on influencers tasks and responsibilities, how you are going to measure the result of the campaign on each social media platform? Timeline of the campaign, what type of content you want to create? How many influencers do you want to engage with? Payment terms, etc. Setting these goals will help you in measuring each aspect of influencer campaign and get most out of it.
  • Not valuing influencer suggestion: Remember that influencers are expert in their niche and they know their audience better.Giving them space to come out with creative content for the campaign will help your brand and at the same time build a trustworthy among influencer.Though you need to make sure that the content falls into your brand guidelines.

Avoiding these mistakes and making sure you connect with right influencers will bring a better return on your influencer marketing campaign.

We would love to know from you some of the lessons that you learned from your recent influencer marketing campaign.

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