Best twitter marketing tools to increase your productivity

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Twitter is widely used as a marketing tool for most marketers and brands today. And with so many so many social media out there it is important for any marketer to organize themselves with social media marketing tool to stay ahead of competition. But with so much noise around twitter marketing tools it is hard to know which is best for your business. Below are the some of the best twitter marketing tools that we think will keep organized as a marketer.

  • Hootsuite: Hootsuite is one of our favorite social media engagement tool. It allows consolidate all social media profiles into one east=y to use dashboard. Some of the features are You can choose date and time when you want to publish the content, add location, attachment. You can also manage other social media with this tool. It is a fermium plan with option of 3 social media to manage.
  • Buffer: Buffer lets you schedule your content to multiple times day through the week which will save your time. You have to just spend few minutes day to schedule your tweets and buffer will take care of the rest. It also provides analytics which helps you to know which content works or which are not. You can also share curated content that buffer provides you in addition to your original content.
  • Tweroid: To get more engagement for your tweets you need to post at the right time. Twerioid give you insights about best times to tweet by analyzing follower’s tweets activity. By using this tool your tweets engagement level will increase because now you know best time to post your tweet.
  • Thinking who to follow and unfollow? Well is the best twitter management tool out there that helps you to sort your list based on most recent, most engagement members, Influencers, New followers, new followers. Which will help you to follow your most engaged followers or unfollow people who have less engagement with your content. This tool is very user friendly which allows you to manage multiple twitter accounts and all these features all from your dashboard itself.

These tools will help you to increase  productivity and increase your followers.

We would love to know your favorite twitter management tool. Do share your thoughts.

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