4 tips to measure ROI of an influencer marketing campaign


Consumer-to-consumer word of mouth generates more than twice the sales of other forms of paid advertising. – McKinsey

Influencer marketing expands your brand visibility and trustworthy among your targeted customer. Apart from cost effective it also gives better ROI than any traditional advertisement. Most marketers have quickly realized the power of driving sales, product review, event marketing, app promotion.But how do you measure the ROI if you influencer marketing to align with your marketing goal?

There are very few tools available in the market that will help you to understand whether influencer marketing is really working for you or not. We have outlined few metrics that will help you to understand and measure the impact of influencer marketing for your brand.

  1. Reach and impression: Number of times your post is viewed when it is published by influencers. This is key metrics compared to any other as it shows effectiveness of a post as it shows to how many people your content is exposed. Also, look out for this metric while selecting any influencer for influencer marketing campaign.
  2. Engagement: The most important metric whether an influencer marketing campaign worked or not is engagement rate. Engagement metrics such as
  • How many facebook likes, shares, clicks, retweets, comments
  • How many new followers you get
  • How many new subscribers you received
  • How many customer bought your product,
  • How many inquiries your sales team received
  • How many clicks you received

3. ROI: The best way to measure return on investment for your influencer marketing campaign is to benchmark to some other online advertisement such as Google ad words, Facebook ads. For example if you spend $100 on google ad words and you are getting 1000 impression and 100 clicks but on the other hand if you spend the same amount in influencer marketing campaign and you are getting more impressions and click than google ad words than it is advisable to stick with influencer marketing campaign(unless and until you love to spend money on advertisement which doesn’t get you good ROI)

4.Resources: Another most important key metrics to measure for any content marketers is to how much resources such as Time, Manpower and money require to produce same original content that you will get it from an influencer. Calculate the money you spent on producing quality content, time to produce and measure it with the content that you are getting with influencer marketing if you think you are able to save enough time and money then it is a wise investment.

By connecting these metrics, you can measure influencer marketing campaign impact on your sales number. Though not all metric can be applicable to your marketing campaign but knowing all these will help you in setting your marketing campaign right and the result that you can look out for.

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The 5 worst influencer marketing mistakes to avoid

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Marketing-induced consumer-to-consumer word of mouth generates more than 2X the sales of paid advertising.

With the rise of influencer marketing, every brands and marketer are allocating their marketing budget for influencer marketing campaign to get most out of it. With right content, strategy, by connecting with right influencers and with a little bit patience you can create magic for your brand and increase sales that no other marketing have done before. Also, Influencer marketing can be a brilliantly effective way to reach a passionate and engaged audience. However reaching out to relevant influencers and creating a successful influencer marketing campaign can be tricky. Make sure you avoid the following mistakes which can bring negative word of mouth for your brand.

  • Working with wrong influencers:Successful influencer marketing depends on what type of influencers you work with. Selecting the right influencers is half the battle won. While most brands and marketers will select influencers with large following but Influencers are not measured based on a number of followers alone but the quality of content they create, engagement and how influential they are among their followers. Asking questions such as would this influencer matches to my marketing goal? Would this influencer understand my brand demographic? Is this influencer previously worked with similar brands or created any quality content or expertise in a particular area of interest? Will help you in choosing right influencers and help you build a long-term relationship with the influencer.
  • Not understanding how influencer charge?Most brands and marketer ignore this point when it comes to influencers payment. Not all influencers will review or promote your products for free or an invitation to an event. Most influencers charge to create unique content for your brand and to share it across their social media depends on their audience size and engagement rate. To understand that you need to work with influencers of varying sizes and category. Depends on your marketing goal you can connect with the right influencer who fits your marketing budget and also at the same time can bring more sales and spread the word about your brand.
  • No Communication:Not communicating properly regarding your campaign goal and how you would like to measure the campaign is another mistake that most brands and marketer commit. Do you want influencers to create new content? Do you want influencers to share content in their social media profile? Do you want them to post content at a certain time or to run a contest? Make sure they understand what your campaign goal is and understand your customer you are targeting. Communicating on all these aspects will help both you and influencer to be on same track.
  • Not setting clear goals: All planning and effort will go wrong if you don’t set your influencer marketing goal and how you will measure ROI? Like other marketing campaign influencer marketing is also complex and takes time to get the best result. What works for one social media or campaign may not work the same for another campaign. So always create a clear cut objective on influencers tasks and responsibilities, how you are going to measure the result of the campaign on each social media platform? Timeline of the campaign, what type of content you want to create? How many influencers do you want to engage with? Payment terms, etc. Setting these goals will help you in measuring each aspect of influencer campaign and get most out of it.
  • Not valuing influencer suggestion: Remember that influencers are expert in their niche and they know their audience better.Giving them space to come out with creative content for the campaign will help your brand and at the same time build a trustworthy among influencer.Though you need to make sure that the content falls into your brand guidelines.

Avoiding these mistakes and making sure you connect with right influencers will bring a better return on your influencer marketing campaign.

We would love to know from you some of the lessons that you learned from your recent influencer marketing campaign.

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How to generate customer leads for your online business?

lead generation

So how do you determine which methods or platforms are the best for finding new customers?Lead generation is crucial for survival and growth of any business.What works for one business may not work for other,it is through trial and error one can know which are the best platform to generate leads.

Below are some of tips that we have followed over the year to generate leads and you too can follow these tips to generate leads for your business.

1) Optimize your website for lead generation:

Most people visit leave website within 10-20 seconds if they do not find any useful information,so make sure you provide enough content and useful information to your customers so that they can provide their contact information without thinking twice.

2) Make social media buttons visible in your website,email signature,visiting cards

Turn your regular readers into social media fans and when they share your content,it will go viral among their friends Because

3) Customer referrals:Customer referrals works wonder for any business because the lead is probably well-qualified and you will have tremendous credibility with the prospect since you come well-recommended from someone that they know and trust.

4) Free giveaways:Free giveaways such as free resources,industry research reports,e books,etc is a best way of generating customer leads.It can generate considerable amount of leads by offering these free resources.

5) Offer Webinars: For B2B marketing webinars are one of the best lead generation technique.Through webinars you can share your expertise or invite some other people to share their expertise related to your industry that interest your target audience.

6) Cross promotion:By forming alliances with non competitive business to exchange leads,promote each other’s products or services can be quite good to generate leads as it brings trustworthy among the customers when they get to now about your product or business through other business which they trust.

7) Have contacts us form in every page:Proving contact from in every page can increase the likelihood that people will contact you.Because you never know from which page a customer can close your browser.

8) E mail marketing:Email marketing is still a best way to generate leads for your business.Make sure you target demographics that fits your products or services.The more targeted the mails is the better open and click rate you will get.Also optimize your email campaign headline to get good click rate.

9) Video:A lead generation campaign tied up with  a viral video can generate highly targeted and valuable leads for your products or service.

10) Connect with social media influencers/bloggers:By connecting with relevant social media influencers/bloggers you can spread word about your brand/product to millions of customer in a cost effective way.You can engage with influencers for content promotion,guest blogging,social media promotion,event management,video promotion,and lots more.It will also improve your brand loyalty,create premium content,increase traffic and improve SEO.”To connect with best social media influencers do check out http://adsparta.in/

Lead generation is very important for any business to survive,so it is vital that you consider these tips in getting highly qualified leads for your products/services.

Post a comment below and let us know what other lead generation technique you have used in your business.

7 valuable tips for becoming a successful social media influencer


Social media influencers are the new celebrities and everyday brands are looking out for social media influencers from promoting their content to reviewing their new product and lots more.In today’s hyper-connect world, anybody can become a social media influencer with the right technique and by becoming an expert in a certain niche category. But to be a successful social media influencer/blogger in the digital world it is important for you to build trust first which will help you in getting connect with best brands. Before you start connecting with brands make sure you decide which type of Brands that you want to work with, what type of content you want to publish and how you will charge? Here are some of the tips that will help you to become a successful social media influencers that Brands will love to work with.

  1. Expert in your niche: Stand out from others by becoming an expert in a certain topic without widening your expertise to too much topic. Your content should be unique, creative and informative to be on top of mind of your followers. Also, it is equally important to stick to one or two social media to engage with your followers.This is very important as Brands will look for influencer who are an expert in a certain niche category instead of those who post anything they come across without any influence over their followers.
  2. Be active: In order to become a social media influencer you need to active and to stay on top of the mind of your followers and your social media and blog should have regular updates. It can be anything from just a small tips to update news about your industry.
  3. Connect with other social media influencers or blogging networks: By connecting with other bloggers/social media influencers will help you stay updated about what is going on in your relevant industry and gain valuable insights. Which will also help you grow your network and your content will start reaching a wider audience.
  4. Know your audience: By knowing your audience will help you to create and post a specific topic that your audience will love to read. Most brands will connect with an influencer who have the ability to reach a larger audience.Consistency and with high-quality content will help you maintain and grow your audience with time.
  5. Quality content: There is a lot of noise around social media make sure your content doesn’t lose in that noise. Quality content can not only increase your audience but also Brands will love to connect with you to create content for their product. Always be genuine and authentic and make sure you create content that your audience will love to read and share. Because that is how you can influencer your audience to trust your voice.
  6. Transparency: Make it transparent for how much you will charge per each blog post, social media post, product review and ad space. So that it will not make any confusion for brands to reach out to you and will make payment process simple and fast.
  7. Communication: To work with any brands communication is very important whether it is regarding timeline or regarding payment or regarding the product that you want to review. Do not hesitate to communicate with the brand/companies that you are writing a review or promoting a product.

With the right approach, patience and by creating quality content on a regular interval you can become a powerful social media influencer that both your followers and brands will love to connect with you.

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If you read one article about connect with the right influencers read this one


Not every influencer is right for your product/business the best influencer in Youtube may not be the right influencer in Twitter or Instagram or may not be the one who can create premium content for your brand. Connecting with right influencer for your influencer marketing can bring more sales, credibility, save a lot of your money and time too in your marketing campaign.Always connect with influencer whose opinion matters most and have the power to influence the decision of others in your niche. Determine your target audience that you are trying to reach, a geographic area that you are targeting and the brand message that you are creating and then identify influencers that match to these criteria. Instead of just connecting with an influencer who have large followers go with an influencer who can drive engagement and can influence your potential customers decision making.

Following are some of the key points to remember before connecting with any influencer for your influencer marketing campaign:

  • Know who is your audience: Any marketing starts with first knowing where your customer hangout ? what type of blogs they read ? what they like? who influence their buying behavior? etc.Influencer marketing is no different.Knowing all these will help you setting your marketing goal and connecting with right influencer.
  • Set goals: What is your campaign goal? Do you want to create awareness about your product? Do you want to create premium content? Do you want a product review? Do you want to drive traffic to your website or store? Do you want to promote your event? Set your goals before reaching out to any social media influencer/Blogger.
  • Identification: Identifying right influencer can be time-consuming and it can bring negative result if you reach out to a wrong influencer. Organize list of social media influencers/Bloggers that meet your campaign requirement and relevant to your brand,check out their most recent social media post/Blog,Which are Brands/Businesses they have worked before?,their audience size, Geographic, etc will help you in identifying best influencer.
  • Set your budget: Make sure you set your budget for your campaign which will help you to reach out to relevant influencers accordingly.
  • Create a campaign: With influencer marketing you can create different types of campaigns such as Product giveaway, Blog posting, Social media posting, Youtube promotion, product review and lots more. Influencer marketing takes time so make sure you have enough time to do research and measure the result accordingly.
  • Communicate: Communication is crucial in any marketing campaign. Make sure you provide enough information to influencers about what your campaign objective is? Do you want them to post content in your platform or their platform? How are you going to pay influencer after the campaign is over? Are they receiving any product? Communicating all these points will help both you and influencer remain in the same page.
  • Measure result: Measuring result in an effective way will help you to understand what works and what does not. Based on your campaign objective you can measure the result to understand how many reach or impression your campaign got? How many people visited your website or store? How many people actually bought your product?

Identifying influencers based on these criteria can sometimes time-consuming and costly too so to solve this issue we at adsparta.in developing a platform that helps you to connect with best social media influencers/bloggers with less effort and measure your campaign result like never before.

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How adsparta.in can help your business in your influencer marketing strategy?


We at adsparta.in provides an automated influencer marketing platform for Businesses to create and share sponsored content such as Blog/Videos/Social media post by connecting with best social media influencers/Bloggers.We can help your business to get more customer leads and build brand loyalty faster.Our goal is to help businesses to tell their unique stories by connecting with powerful social media influencers.

Following are the benefits that your business will get from Adsparta.in platform:

  1. Create positive brand awareness about your brand/products among millions of customers.
  2. Improve search engine optimization.
  3. Generate premium content such as blogs, sponsored post, sponsored picture, videos that tell unique story about your brand/products.
  4. Generate customer leads with positive word of mouth.
  5. Better return on marketing investment compared to any other traditional advertisement.
  6. Create a cost-effective campaign which results in lower customer acquisition cost.
  7. Build brand loyalty faster by connecting with right influencers who have influence over your potential customers.
  8. Achieve highly targeted advertisement by targeting based on Geo, Demographic, Interest and lots more.
  9. Increase engagement with existing influencers

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How to measure influencer marketing campaign in an easy way?


There are different ways to measure the success of influencer marketing for different social media but deciding the right one for your business is essential.Like any other form of marketing influencer marketing also takes the time to get the result of your campaign and knowing the key metrics to measure and setting benchmark will help your business to track the result better.If you are not measuring your influencer marketing with these key metrics than you are not doing it right.

Your key metrics should always align with your marketing goals.Influencers can’t be measured by only number of followers but the relevance of a topic, quality content and trust among its followers. If you have asked influencers to post photos, tweet or post by using your brand hashtag then by searching based on those keywords/hashtags you can come to know how many likes or comments your campaign is getting.

These are the number of indicators to measure an influencer marketing result for different social media:

  1. Facebook by number of Likes, Comments, and Shares
  2. Twitter by number of Favorites in the tweets and Retweets
  3. Pinterest by the number of Repins, Comments, and Likes.
  4. Google+ by the number +1, Comments and Shares.
  5. LinkedIn by number of people who have liked, Shared and Comments
  6. SlideShare by the number of Views and Likes,
  7. YouTube by the number of Views, Comments, Likes and Dislikes
  8. Stumble Upon by the number of Followers and Likes
  9. Quora by the number of upvotes to the answers and comments
  10. Instagram-By number of Likes, Favorites and Comments

By measuring these, you will come to know how well your customer is reacting to your campaign so that you can tweak your marketing strategy accordingly. These metrics, when put together, will give you valuable information about which influencers to select to create social media buzz for your brand/businesses. But most important is to know your marketing objectives prior to starting campaign will help you in analyzing the result better.

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What experts are saying about importance of influencer marketing?


“A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is –It is what consumers tell each other”-Scott Cook, Co-founder, Intuit

That is why influencer marketing is more important than ever before.Influencer marketing is most powerful and effective way to reach out to your potential customer because it is cost effective and your message can reach a wider audience with less effort too. Using influencer marketing can give you a competitive edge whether you are looking to reach a larger audience, create brand awareness or want to do market research or if you are a startup and have limited budget to go for traditional advertisement.Because influencer marketing is more personal than other traditional advertisements it brings trust among people. Apart from creating brand awareness influencer marketing also helps business in SEO, Premium content, Better ROI than traditional media and more. Don’t believe us well below are some of the statistics that proves what we say:

  • According to a recent SocialChorus report, influencer marketing campaigns drive 16x more engagement than paid or owned media.
  • According to a McKinsey study, marketing inspired word-of-mouth generates twice the sale of paid advertising
  • 74% of Consumers rely on social media to inform their purchasing decisions.” – ODM Group
  • 90% of customer trust peer recommendations and only 33% trust advertisement

Influencers have great power to persuade people to buy a certain product or not to buy. However, if plan properly Influencer marketing can bring a better result for any businesses than any other traditional advertisement.

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How to build an empire with influencer marketing?

Influencer Marketing

Influencers are generally an expert in a certain niche category and provide valuable information to their followers.For example for a Restaurant food blogger could be the right influencers and for an e- commerce startup a fashion blogger or who have large followers and likes in Instagram and Pinterest could be the right influencers.

In today’s hyper-connected world influencers can be any user who has a large base of followers on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and have the ability to influence or capture other’s attention. It is not just number of followers that qualify a user as an influencer but a person who is looked for advice or knowledge or opinions..When an influencer recommends a product to its followers through a blog or a tweet or through a YouTube video that is going to be more powerful and effective over potential buyers than any other traditional advertisement.Because of this quality influencer are valuable to brands.

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is similar to word of mouth marketing that allows brands to connect and partner with powerful social media influencers who have wide reach and have the power to influence the decision of others to create social media buzz. The key to influencer marketing is to identify right influencers based on your marketing objective whether it is only sharing a particular photo, video or writing a blog or posting about in social media.

Influencer marketing helps brands to collaborate with powerful influencers who have a wide reach and can influence over potential buyers. Just think for a moment impact on your sales if a celebrity promotes your product. But if you are starting up or if you have limited budget you can’t go for celebrity endorsement that doesn’t mean you can’t spread word about your brand/business to thousands of consumers who can be your early user. In fact with the growth of social media it is now possible to connect with powerful social media influencers who can create premium content or review your product or write about your company or share a promotional video for your business to thousands of users.Only if you will connect with right influencers at the right time.

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Why should you join Adsparta.in?

11140359_821035731312735_4218327206687673353_n With previous startup experience and the challenges that we have faced when it comes to creating brand awareness and spread the word about our startup that too with a limited marketing budget.We know the pain of other Startups/small businesses how important it is to bring early user and to spread the word of mouth about that awesome product you are building. And if you have a limited budget it takes months if not years to reach out to millions of potential customers and create awareness about your business. Even many forms of traditional advertisement are losing its ability to make an impact and they are expensive for a small Businesses and Startups.Established companies and brands are also facing similar problems whether it is creating awareness or spreading the word about a newly launched product or winning the trust and market share.And finding that right influencer who can become the spokesperson and at the same time fits the budget, target market and niche category-take too much time and complex too.

No traditional advertisement can replace the power of word of mouth and create awareness about your Brand/Business compared to when your friends or family tell you about that cool bar or restaurant, about that new product to buy, where to shop at, what books to read, or what cool gadgets to buy.

“According to a McKinsey study, marketing inspired word-of-mouth generates 2 times the sale of paid advertising”

That is why we created Adsparta.in with the aim of adding real value and helping Startups/Small businesses/MNCs/NGO/Artists/Inventors to tell their unique stories and spread the word about their Brand/Business to millions of potential consumers through powerful Social media influencers/Bloggers. Our mission is to make influencer marketing cost-effective and transparent to help businesses create brand awareness and increase sales with less effort.

“According to a recent SocialChorus report, influencer marketing campaigns drive 16x more engagement than paid or owned media”

We at Adsparta.in automate the process and make it easy for Brands/Businesses to connect with right influencers not only to create and share premium content but also to measure the effectiveness of each campaign with real-time analytics, so that you will stay ahead of your competition. While on the other hand we help Influencers to earn extra income by creating and sharing content in Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/YouTube/Pinterest/Tumblr,etc for Brands that you love and do what you love to do always.

I hope you will join with us in this journey.

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